Leveraging “Phygital marketing” strategies can help brands enhance customer experiences

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September 15, 2020, 1:40 PM UTC

“Phygital marketing” takes the best aspects of both real-life and online purchases to improve the experience as a whole.

Despite online shopping increasingly becoming prevalent, consumers in the B2C sector still want sensory aspects of real-life shopping experience. A smooth online experience has convinced almost half of B2B buyers to complete impulse purchases. Using phygital marketing strategies can help both B2C and B2B brands enhance CX.

Online-only businesses should conduct surveys to find out what physical sensory experience their audiences are missing out. Similarly, brands with physical storefronts should ask themselves how digital technology and activity could enhance the real-life customer experience.

Creating a consumer-product sample or implementing augmented reality features can help brands blend physical experiences with digital activities. Phygital strategies can also help brands reach new audiences. But, businesses should first define their goals as phygital marketing may require heavy investment.

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