Augmenting ecommerce stores with better aesthetics can help brands drive conversions rates

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September 15, 2020, 8:25 AM UTC

Personalising post-shipment experiences can help consumers effectively track their orders and enhance user experiences.

This article suggests customer marketing strategies ecommerce stores can use for retaining existing consumers while enhancing overall experiences and boosting growth. Creating targeted blogs can help brands reach the right audiences, enhance engagement and boost sales on online stores.

Build ecommerce stores with a “Z” pattern design to provide the best value proposition, as most users check out a site from left to right. Using high-quality product images is recommended for better conversions. Execute personalised email campaigns and use omnichannel platforms for better engagement.

Businesses must implement AI-based marketing automation to segment consumer profiles, create lookalike audiences, increase customer base, and improve ROI. Offer referral programs with incentives like vouchers and thank loyal consumers to retain them. This also helps acquire new customers.

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