Combining a topical quiz with a giveaway can help marketers generate high-quality leads from YouTube

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September 14, 2020, 3:41 PM UTC

Most businesses typically ask viewers to subscribe or visit their website, but they usually miss a massive lead-building opportunity.

Instead of soliciting subscriptions to their YouTube channel – which hardly leads to a sale – businesses can incorporate interactive CTAs like topical quizzes and giveaways. Quizzes are usually fun and useful engagement tools.

When quizzes are combined with a participation incentive, it can not only drive engagement and boost watch time but also help capture user contact in the form of a lead. Marketers can also encourage visitors with instant prizes for specific call-to-action.

Businesses can also conduct a follow-up webinar or live event around that topic. Collecting questions for YouTube Q&As can further help boost engagement along with lead generation processes as the direct Q&A is a highly anticipated event for most loyal followers.

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