Searches on translate, social networks, entertainment, were top search categories on Google

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September 11, 2020, 2:44 AM UTC

SEMrush recently analysed over 20 billion keywords globally to identify search trends across the US and UK.

While “NSFW” searches made up an estimated 20% of all search terms, most search queries were related to translate (13%), social networks (11%), and entertainment (10%). Globally “Facebook” was searched 1.4 billion times, while “YouTube” and “Google” were searched 1.2 billion and 594.1 million times respectively.

In the US, “Facebook” and “YouTube” were top Google searches. UK’s top searches included “Facebook” and “BBC news”. The most commonly asked questions on Google worldwide were “What is my IP?”, “What time is it?”, and “How to tie a tie?”.

The top trending keyword globally was “Dalgona coffee”, while in the UK “UK Lockdown” and “Carol Baskin” trended. “Stimulus check” was the most trending keyword in the US. Most popular new search term was “my2020censusgov”.

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