PR agencies should be honest and direct for effectively navigating difficult PR conversations

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September 09, 2020, 5:20 PM UTC

Sugar-coating, vacillating and being vague can cause more harm to the brand in the long-term.

Instead of hiding and sugar-coating crises, agencies should clearly and honestly communicate the challenges. They should own their mistakes and inform executives about the plan to get back on track. In case of an external crisis, PR professionals should help clients see the problem from their perspective.

Agencies should review the project timeline, analyse delays and inconsistencies in their businesses operations. Addressing issues and reaching an understanding with clients, while being empathic, can help brands navigate difficult PR conversations with ease.

The author suggests whenever a PR agency raises an issue; they must also be prepared to offer a solution or an alternative. PR professionals and agencies should be understanding, honest and problem solvers to win appreciation from brand executives.

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