Select the right campaign objective and set enough budget for competitive ad bidding on LinkedIn

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September 08, 2020, 6:38 PM GMT+0

LinkedIn considers factors like budget, target audience, campaign objectives when brands bid for ads.

This piece suggests LinkedIn bidding strategies brands can use to build effective marketing campaigns on the platform. Brands can select from four bidding strategies including automated CPM, maximum CPC, enhanced CPC, and CPM to optimise LinkedIn campaigns, according to their budgets and goals.

Businesses that are launching new campaigns or aiming to enhance their visibility, while having an 85% budget spend daily are recommended to use automated bidding. Cost bidding strategy is beneficial for brands with less than 50K audiences.

This strategy also allows manual placement of bids between CPC or CPMs, reduce costs and drives higher-quality traffic. Marketers can also select the recommended bidding option to view bid amounts based on their budgets and similar advertisers bidding for their targeted audiences.

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