Running API tests on Google Search Console can help measure KPIs and improve search rankings

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September 08, 2020, 2:47 PM UTC

Marketers can use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to scale data faster and efficiently.

This article highlights Google Search Console (GSC) patterns that businesses can use to evaluate search KPIs. While GSC provides the “purest” form search KPI data, its lack of scalability (limited to 1,000 rows of data per request) and restrictive filters can hinder data refinement.

As Core Updates impacts search impressions and clicks, brands must ensure the keywords they are ranking are consistent and relevant. Running tests on snippet copies and rich results on APIs can help brands meet Google’s CTR expectations and boost search rankings.

Identifying and optimising underperforming CTRs by addressing searcher’s intent in copies helps marketers improve their performance and get placed in featured snippets. Brands must ensure their website and pages are SEO optimised to compare performance on GSC effectively.

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