Interactive content and gamification can help create efficient link baits

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September 07, 2020, 5:22 PM UTC

When implemented correctly, link bait can earn authority links at scale and can influence organic search visibility.

This piece suggests marketers should create content that appeals to a broad swathe of the audience to can earn backlinks from quality publications. A great link bait content is one that can be cited by journalists or content creators to back up their stats or comments. Marketers should create content accordingly, which elicits emotions and solve problems or answer questions.

Marketers can create interactive content or add gamification elements into their content. This kind of content generally strikes an emotional chord with the readers, making it more linkable and shareable.

Interactive assets, data-driven studies, long-form guides and visual are a few different content formats that can work as link baits. Content around controversial or hot topics can also help create links.

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