As real-world crises mount, businesses need to become "Regenerative Brands" to stay relevant

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September 04, 2020, 1:17 PM UTC

Regenerative brands use their strengths to fix problems that lie beyond the ambit of their business, consumers, and shareholders.

In order to become a regenerative brand, businesses need to go beyond hashtag activism and virtue signalling. Regenerative brands need to be aware, additive, and alive of their surroundings.

They need to be more responsive to the world around them and sense deeper human needs and fill the gap between the brand’s promises and lived experience. Regenerative brands also need to refection their products affect society and the environment.

These brands also need to work towards creating value by enriching the lives of everyone associated with them – from customers to employees to shareholders. Prioritising the broader eco-system over short-term profits can further help businesses transform into a regenerative brand.

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