Integrate the brand’s personality and voice into meta descriptions to drive click-through rates

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September 04, 2020, 7:37 AM UTC

Brands must ensure their meta descriptions are unique to every page of the website.

This article suggests best practices brands can use to create quality meta descriptions to help users accurately understand the page’s content and boost click-through rates (CTRs). Marketers must follow the ideal length of 150-160 words per description and highlight all the main points within the character limit to create effective meta descriptions.

Further, since Google doesn’t factor meta descriptions for SEO ranking, marketers can incorporate their brand’s personality and voice into the description and improve CTRs. Writing a conversational, clear and descriptive summary focused on users can help brands attract their attention.

Including offers, discounts, and creating informative meta descriptions can help marketers promote brands and build awareness. Use meta descriptions to communicate key messages, generate leads with CTAs and demonstrate the brand’s credibility.

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