Having a distinctive Google My Business descriptions can help strengthen hyperlocal marketing

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September 04, 2020, 10:56 AM UTC

Hyperlocal marketing can allow businesses to reach more customers in their immediate vicinity and increase sales. 

Businesses should have an all-inclusive listing on Google My Business that highlights their USP and distinguishes them from their competitors. Adding components like high-definition photos, positive customer reviews and specifying the work hours can help grab customer attention.

Investing in software that can gather data and offer insights into customer behaviour can help in personalising for different geographical clusters. This personalisation should be followed-up with customer satisfaction surveys that be used to improve services and consequently ‘near me now’ ranking as well. 

If businesses have multiple presences across different locations, they should have separate landing pages for particular areas. Having a brand presence for tailored to different customer clusters can make hyperlocal marketing successful. 

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