Streaming site Twitch is gathering steam and marketers are taking notice

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September 03, 2020, 5:22 PM UTC

The site is on the way to exceed 40 million monthly active viewers. 

Streamers are increasingly finding new uses for the Gaming and e-sports platform, Twitch, combining the must-see nature of TV with the connectivity of social media. Combined that with the fact that 73% of the users are under 34, marketers are slowly paying attention to Amazon-owned platform. 

Predictably, most brands are leveraging gaming tournaments and esports through tournaments or livestreams. This strategy is being used by brands like Wendy’s, who are focussed on the younger demographic. Apart from low-hanging tactics like interviews and roundtables, brands are also using the platform to host digital events. 

As with other social platforms, Twitch also has a substantial presence of influencers with heavily invested followers. Traditional companies, which do not have a twitch account, have been forming partnerships with influencers to get consumer attention. 

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