Brands must craft unbiased competitor articles to improve their sites traffic and build trust

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September 03, 2020, 2:51 AM UTC

Writing about the brand in introductory and conclusion paragraphs in competitor articles can assert thought leadership. 

Drafting content which talks about a business’ competitors on its blog can enhance site visits, leads and sales while portraying the brand as an honest and transparent thought leader. To write effective content targeting consumers looking for best product options, brands could compile a best-competitor list.

However, they should avoid including themselves in the list or share any derogatory remarks to avoid making the article sound self-promotional. Structuring the articles with titles, introductory paragraphs, sub-headers, CTAs and more can help brands create effective competitor content.

Share basic information about competitors and paraphrase content from the “About Us” page. Adding links in competitor-focused copies can help brands boost the website’s SEO. Craft unbiased competitor articles to build trust among readers.

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