Adopting omnichannel can help travel retailers lessen the impacts of COVID-19 disruptions

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September 03, 2020, 1:32 AM UTC

Travel retailers must introduce touchless solutions at airports to improve CX and increase footfall.

This article notes that as COVID-19 disrupts the travel sector, travel retailers must invest in omnichannel capabilities. With the disruption affecting brands that have stores at airports and consumers not making impulse purchases, the travel sector’s recovery is predicted to be slow.

Travel retailers must leverage ecommerce opportunities and implement omnichannel solutions, and develop and promote their online marketplaces. They must create experiential experiences at airports to encourage consumers that may be less willing to engage in physical shopping experiences.

Experiential retail experiences like QR codes and virtual “try-ons” using AR and VR tech can help retailers attract foot traffic at airports. While the disruption in the travel retail sector is likely to continue for the short-term, retailers can benefit from the emerging ecommerce opportunities.

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