Creating personalised newsworthy pitches to journalists can help brands get high-value backlinks

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September 02, 2020, 1:33 PM UTC

Personalising pitches can increase email open rates and help brands get better responses.

To create a personalised pitch, businesses should first read journalists’ past work to understand their beat and identify how the brand’s positioning matches that beat. Marketers should further study the writer’s social accounts and try to learn more about them as human beings.

Brands should specifically highlight the most exciting parts of their projects that might intrigue the readers, in their email pitches. They should include the critical data in bullet points that are relevant for their audiences and ask if they would be interested in publishing that story.

Businesses should also ensure to present data clearly and compellingly to gain journalists’ attention and interest. Marketers should keep the pitch design simple, and avoid over branding and over-repetition of the same facts to make authentic pitches.

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