Brands must map out consumers' journeys to create relevant pillar content

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September 01, 2020, 1:41 AM UTC

Pillar content comprises of several structural elements and holds information about a specific topic and subtopics.

Developing pillar content can help brands support their overall content plan, generate content on multiple subtopics, and retain consumers. For businesses to create effective pillar content they should focus on their niche, define their brand, understand audiences and their consumer journeys.

Start with a broad topic to create relevant content on various subtopics that supports the core idea. Creating a pillar page on the website can help brands explore several other ideas from their core topic. Assess current content to identify potential copies for pillar content.

Conducting keyword research can help marketers gain insights into their consumers' perspectives and analyse competitor’s ranking and content. Promoting pillar content on social media platforms helps drive traffic and improve conversions.

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