Sharing real stories on LinkedIn can help B2B companies build authentic user engagement

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August 31, 2020, 5:34 PM UTC

It can help brands build meaningful relationships with business decision-makers.

B2B businesses can ask influencers to share their real-life career experiences on LinkedIn - instead of generic marketing and sales content - to connect with their audiences effectively. They can ask influencers to share a defining moment in their career and explain how that shaped them as a marketing professional.

Brands can upload vertical PDF files to create a carousel of messages that can promote their webinars and gain audience attention. Marketers can also collaborate with industry experts in their content creation process to build-up credibility for the webinar, provide validation and increase organic impressions.

Recognising industry influencers on LinkedIn can help brands build relationships with them. It can further help them generate goodwill among these influencers; inspire new connections, conversations and engagement opportunities.

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