Marketers should create original and relatable posts on Instagram

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August 31, 2020, 4:07 PM UTC

They should think of how they can stand out for their followers and motivate their followers.

Instead of showcasing the picture-perfect moment, marketers should think of creating relatable Instagram posts. A grainy, basic image can get more traction than a glossy, clear image, if that motivates, inspires and talks about the audiences, and not just the brand or marketers. 

Businesses should create content that emboldens viewers to interact with them. Using a slider on a poll or asking them to respond to a question, or encouraging DM can help marketers boost engagement.

Marketers can further use IGTV to post long videos. But, they should always ensure their IGTV description contains some a call-to-action along with relevant hashtags. Adding a captivating thumbnail can further help marketers attract more viewers on their Instagram posts.

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