Evaluating buyers’ level of awareness can help brands create relevant content that converts

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August 28, 2020, 8:04 AM UTC

Brands should craft messaging that aligns with their consumers’ intent.

Understanding the customers’ level of awareness and their perspective on the journey can help marketers create effective marketing messages. In the first stage, consumers are completely unaware of their pains, and brands are recommended to avoid showing products or prices, as it may not interest them.

As consumers come to realise their pain points, crafting content around their issues can help marketers resonate with prospects and establish brand awareness. Create personalised content addressing problems once consumers realise that solutions do exist for them.

Crafting content that answers specific product questions and conveys features and benefits can help clear any doubts consumers may have and drive purchases. In the final stage, confirm that consumers have all the details they require to ensure seamless transaction of purchases.

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