Businesses should understand the local culture before expanding to new markets

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August 28, 2020, 12:46 PM UTC

Simply translating from one language to another might not convey the right meaning.

Companies should access their internal resources, translators and local guides before setting up in a new international location. Companies should hire experienced translators and proofreaders to create appropriate content for the new markets. Using data and research can help better understand customer needs and search intent of that market.

Brands should also on-board members who have native knowledge of the foreign language and are aware of local customs and traditions. Cultural awareness can help businesses make informed decisions, develop additional products and generate appropriate content and marketing ideas.

Before translating the entire content from their English website to the new language, marketers must find out whether a certain topic is relevant to the new market. They should also “transcreate over translate”, including keyword research, to enhance their marketing efforts.

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