Offering multiple product choices can help brands appropriately personalise consumers’ journey

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August 26, 2020, 9:15 AM UTC

Brands should segment audiences based on signals like search intent to align product messaging with interests.

This article states that with personalisation being imperative, brands must restructure advertising, to allow consumers to self-select their consumer journey that doesn’t feel obtrusive. This includes developing a strategy which allows consumers to choose their pathway in the journey.

Brands must create consumer-driven experiences with multiple offers, to provide customers with a choice of personalising their funnel. However, marketers should ensure they don’t over personalise offerings in the research phase, as it limits choices and could upset consumers looking for more.

Using creative media options can help display multiple product choices and prospects could select their own individual and personalised site experiences. Sequential messaging further allows brands to measure interaction rates for various offering and promote those with most engagements in the user’s journey.

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