Providing the right content at each stage of the buyer’s journey can improve the quality of leads

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August 25, 2020, 2:55 PM UTC

Marketers should also think of appropriate channels to reach out to audiences according to their stage in the sales funnel.

Businesses should ensure prospects see the right content at the right time in each stage of the sales funnel. Highlighting unique brand qualities can attract leads in the awareness stage. They should also establish thought leadership by delivering content like hub pages, podcasts and blogs on broad subject matters.

Providing interactive content like webinars and videos can help marketers guide prospects on specific needs in the next stage. Businesses can also use a combination of gated and ungated content in the problem-identification stage.

To support the buyer’s decision-making process, marketers can then provide prospects with whitepapers and industry reports. Providing demos and extended case studies can further help consumers in making informed decisions in the consideration stage.

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