OTT and on-CTV are go-to experiences for co-viewing among varied cultural cohorts in the US

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August 25, 2020, 12:03 PM UTC

Vevo, MAGNA and IPG Media Lab surveyed Asian, Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino consumers.

As per the study, contextual nuances among multicultural audiences, steered by co-viewing on connected TVs (CTV) presents marketing communications opportunities for brands. Co-viewing was observed among 44% of Hispanic/Latinos, 40% of Black/African Americans and 33% of Asians in the US.

56% of Hispanic/Latinos had co-viewing experiences on a CTV device. CTV co-viewing for Black/African American viewers and Asian viewers was 53% and 52% respectively. Also, receptivity for CTV ads was 58% for Black/African Americans, 55% for Hispanic/Latinos and 49% for Asians.

Interest in culturally relevant content like music and sports was higher or near the average of the general populace for Black/African and Hispanic/Latino viewers. 70% of Asian viewers were receptive to ads during music video sessions on CTV, compared to Black/Africans (65%).

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