Brands must leverage data to develop sustainable and scalable solutions for omnichannel marketing

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August 25, 2020, 8:49 AM UTC

APIs offer a secure, centralised code layer that can help marketers try new omnichannel strategies.

This article suggests developing strategic omnichannel personalisation efforts to enhance customer experiences across channels. Brands should use emerging platforms to offer consumers new engagement opportunities and analyse data to identify new marketing avenues to boost long-term growth.

Integrating a holistic technology in the marketing mix can help measure on-site consumer behaviour, cross-drive activity, and more. Brands can use this information to establish a cohesive data set of consumers and create sustainable and scalable solutions to optimise omnichannel efforts.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are programming codes that facilitate the transfer of data from one application to another and offer full visibility into a consumer’s journey. APIs can help marketers control and personalise user-level data across channels, like in-store kiosks, and deliver a consistent experience.

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