Acknowledging mistakes on social media can help brands avoid reputational damage

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August 25, 2020, 5:22 PM UTC

Brands should admit their mistakes in an authentic and human tone.

To uphold the brand’s social media reputation, marketers should admit errors and hold themselves accountable for any lapses at their end. Providing solutions to the matters related to data, errors and outages, when applicable, can help brands properly manage their reputation on social platforms.

In case there are negative posts about the brand on social media, marketers should acknowledge the message and request users to either mail the complaint or send a direct message. It can help businesses in maintaining safety/privacy of customers’ valuable information, such as credit card number or protected health information.

The author suggests brands should check their business operations if there are recurrent complaints around similar themes. The social media, legal and PR teams should meet regularly to re-evaluate contingency plans and prevent future complications.

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