Before sending promotional emails, marketers need to send content that people want to read

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August 24, 2020, 6:06 PM UTC

Using emails to send only discount coupons can be boring, leading customers to unsubscribe. 

Marketers should create a long-term email strategy and avoid sending discount coupons right at the beginning of the email sequence. In order to build a relationship with customers, marketers need to provide content that hooks their subscribers by informing as well as entertaining them.

Understand consumer interests and pain points can help businesses create email content that resonates with their audiences. The content can be about anything relevant and contextual for their readers. Marketers can use promotional emails as a follow-up to these contextual emails.

Businesses should also segment their audiences to avoid sending product discount coupons to customers who have already bought the same product. Experimenting with content formats, like adding GIFs and videos, can further help enhance audience engagement.

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