70% of US consumers said TV commercials no longer influence them to buy products:  Macias PR

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August 24, 2020, 12:33 PM UTC

TV and online adverts are losing influence as consumers are increasingly plugging into the news.

The study found 67% of Americans are consuming more or about the same amount of news since the coronavirus outbreak began. But, TV commercials are no longer influencing a majority of consumers to buy products.

Nearly half of consumers said positive online consumer reviews and positive stories on the news influence them the most when it comes to buying a new product or service. However, 36% of respondents claimed they are on their mobile phones or laptops and multi-task during TV commercials.

Another 17% of viewers fast-forward through commercials, while 10% of respondents walk out of the room to finish a task. Moreover, around 42% of consumers prefer online news as their primary source of information.

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