Businesses need to approach ABM as a strategy and not as a marketing tool

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August 19, 2020, 11:59 AM UTC

ABM can help marketers navigate complicated deals with ease and aid in providing the right value to each customer.

Marketers should approach ABM as a long-term engagement strategy and not just a set of marketing tactics. Businesses need to treat ABM as an organisational shift and change their process for account selection. A well though-out process can further help in ensuring that brands have the right targets.

Businesses should develop their ideal customer profile (ICP) by identifying the common elements between all their highest-value accounts. Using marketing automation can help marketers track engagement and determine the most engaging content and marketing techniques for their buyers.

Marketers should then build their target account list around the ICP and align their sales and marketing efforts for those accounts. Using conversational marketing that engages the website visitors, while maintaining their anonymity, can help drive engagement faster.

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