There is a need to rethink how brand design is evaluated

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August 18, 2020, 3:22 PM UTC

Altering the parameters of what constitutes good design can help inspire more meaningful designs in the future.

Businesses and agencies must understand that if people are unable to understand a branding design, then they are probably not telling the right stories. An ideal branding strategy should look like 40% idea, 40% execution and 20% results. But, brands often miss out on evaluating their work post-delivery.

Conducting a time-based analysis can help agencies find out whether the product is more attractive than a year ago or whether the brand sentiment has changed. Evaluation should also consider factors like region and community.

Collaborating with research organisations can provide agencies with new and compelling information to build their stories. It can also help them find the right perspective for each client, which work to their best advantage.

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