A product’s user interface must have a human-oriented design to meet consumer expectations

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August 18, 2020, 11:38 AM UTC

Businesses must create mobile-friendly and responsive user interfaces (UI) to retain consumers.

This piece recommends hiring professional UX/UI design agencies to develop successful user interfaces to help marketers attract new consumers. Creating a human-oriented UI must be based on the end-user’s psychology and consumer expectations.

Marketers should ensure that UI designs are culturally relevant to the end-users to better connect with prospects from other countries and markets. Adding more space to the website or mobile apps is recommended to make the interface more concise and easier to perceive.

A/B test different colour palettes to measure the perception of a product and position content in expected areas to help users easily understand the product. While ready-made templates can provide easy design solutions, creating tailored products can help brands meet their consumers' exact requirements.

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