Offer value through marketing copies to boost conversions

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August 18, 2020, 10:23 AM UTC

Brands must create copies that reflect audiences’ emotions and addresses their queries.

This article recommends copywriting techniques brands can use to effectively engage their leads and convert them. Writing clear conversational copies using simple words and sentences along with engaging stories can help attract prospects.

Copywriters must offer unique value propositions (UVPs) and insert their prospects’ language from sources like reviews to distinguish themselves from competitors and boost conversions. Using verbs like “imagine”, “picture this” and more continually can strengthen marketing copies.

Inserting sensory words like “rough” can convey texture and trigger consumer imagination. Craft copies with a money-back guarantee and use phrases like “And that’s not all” to induce curiosity and build trust among consumers. Leverage testimonials in marketing copies to further gain consumer trust and showcase social proof.

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