Live interactive videos can help travel brands retain customers until the situation normalises​

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August 18, 2020, 6:48 AM UTC

Unlike conventional virtual tours, live videos offer dynamic experiences to keep viewers engaged.

Travel companies can leverage live video tours to retain customers and protect the brand image from fading until people resume travelling. Companies like Walks, which are turning to live interactive videos, are able to stay connected with customers and keep businesses running during the pandemic.

Live videos can not only motivate people for travelling when the situation normalises, but also help travellers overcome the fear of unknown. While acting as a new kind of trip planner, interactive video tours can help people get acquainted with the language, attire and cultural norms of new destinations.

Leveraging live videos can also help travel and hospitality brands to expand their businesses in the post-pandemic market. For instance, companies can offer virtual travel experiences to people with permanent disabilities that prevent them from travelling.

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