Google says Australia’s New Media law can negatively affect the creator ecosystem

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August 18, 2020, 6:50 AM UTC

The draft bill will force Google and Facebook to pay media groups in exchange for carrying their content.

Google is trying to directly appeal to content creators and the Australian public as it looks to fight the draft law from being passed. The new law could have a significant, negative impact on the creator ecosystem in Australia, YouTube APAC head, Gautam Anand wrote on Google Australia blog.

He argued that the law would create an uneven playing ground for traditional media players and emerging social media influencers. The law could also result in content creators receiving fewer views and earning less, he further argued.

Under the law, Google will have to pay huge amount of money to big news businesses. The search giant claims that this will leave it with fewer funds to invest in influencers and programs to help creators develop audiences.

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