Businesses can conduct data-based audits to improve their website performance

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August 18, 2020, 4:23 PM UTC

Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data can help improve the website UX and boost conversions.

Marketers can conduct an SEO audit to identify user intent before visiting a website, and an analytics audit to find out exactly where the user bounces off, exits or converts. Brands can also conduct UX/UI audit to identify problem-causing design and structural areas of their sites.

The insights obtained from the audit can then be used to fix the site issues and improve website performance. But, businesses should first validate their UX solutions by A/B testing their assumptions with real users.

The author suggests that all the audit-related research and analysis should be centred around their prospects’ needs and pain points. Making user personas and mapping customer journey across the entire sales funnel can create a compelling website user experience.

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