Creating credible B2B reports can help brands establish thought leadership and drive engagement

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August 17, 2020, 5:50 PM UTC

Brands must develop an interactive benchmarks microsite to extend the content value.

To create B2B research reports that can build brand thought leadership, attract new consumers and nurture leads, brands must focus on credibility and distribution. Collaborating with a mix of industry experts and influential customers can help marketers optimise their B2B reports.

Co-creating and publishing content with original research from industry experts can help enhance the value of the report. Brands should emphasise earned media, highlight credible names and leverage online events to promote their B2B reports.

Building a rich content experience with credible voices can increase the report’s chances of being shared. Repurposing research reports into other formats like videos, podcasts and infographics can provide brands with more engagement opportunities.

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