“Completion rate metric” can help find out the engagement potential of Instagram Stories

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August 17, 2020, 4:05 PM UTC

It can also help marketers determine the appropriate number of slides and the right kind of content for their audiences.

Marketers can find out how engaging their Instagram Stories content is, by calculating the completion rate metric. A higher completion rate would mean the viewers have watched all the slides, with time, until the end.

In order to calculate the completion rate metric easily, marketers should upload all the slides in a series, instead of posting them individually throughout the day. Measuring the completion rate metric along with drop-off rates after the first slide of Instagram Stories can help brands improve retention rates.

Brands should also measure the viewers’ actions on their Instagram Stories like shares and profile visits. Analysing individual slides in detail can further help marketers identify the reasons behind higher or lower engagement rates.

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