A post-sales monitoring process can fortify customer relationships and experiences

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August 14, 2020, 5:13 PM UTC

Employing in-depth listening tactics on social media can help businesses understand the issues that affect consumers.

Brands should work towards improving their consumer experiences (CX) to bolster their relationships with their prospects. Offering products and services aligned with the consumers’ everyday life and reframing mission statements to reflect the same can enhance CX.

Developing a post-sales monitoring process further allows brands to proactively help recent consumers, track their reviews and improve CX. Monitoring the audiences’ social media activity can help brands better understand their content demands and craft relatable content that drives sales.

Brands can also follow consumers on social media platforms to understand their behaviour, motivations, trends and more and create efficient CX strategies. With the pandemic influencing the way people shop, providing products and services at discounted prices can help brands build goodwill and stay relevant.

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