Advertisers need to invest in new technologies that encourage engagement over reach

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August 14, 2020, 12:39 PM UTC

Focusing on reach has led to a lack of human angle in digital advertising and is increasingly alienating audiences.

As advertisers adopted programmatic, prioritised reach over quality, and “dumbed down” on ad formats, the user experience and creative flow depreciated over time. Advertisers must limit their dependency on automation and optimisation tools and concentrate their efforts on a more humanistic approach.

The advertising industry must brainstorm new re-engagement strategies to address the lack of user engagement, rather than focusing on reach and measuring interactions. However, the self-preservation instinct in the industry has clogged innovation in digital advertising.

Advertisers in the industry must invest in disruptive technologies to pave the way for new ones and claim leadership positions. Brands must understand the relationship between audiences and media to innovate new ways to connect consumers with advertisers.

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