Offering incentives can help motivate customers to write compelling testimonials

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August 13, 2020, 5:32 PM UTC

88% of consumers trust testimonials as much as a personal recommendation from friends and families.

With almost half of consumers expecting more testimonials from online brands, companies should consider customer reviews as a significant part of their marketing strategies. Businesses can offer incentives, like discount coupons, in return for customer’s time and opinion. They can also experiment with different incentives and see the response rate to find out the most appropriate encouragement. 

Providing consumers with suggestions about testimonials and guiding them to address buyers’ questions and concerns around ecommerce help create compelling customer reviews. They should also ask consumers to comment about specific points like pricing and quality to make testimonials more effective.

Creating a sense of urgency and being proactive can help marketers increase the response rate. But, they should avoid annoying customers by following up for testimonials within short intervals.

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