Companies need to design bespoke digital transformations that suit their needs

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August 13, 2020, 2:20 PM UTC

Enabling digital transformation can help brands improve business performances.

The definition of digital transformation can vary from one company to another based on their business goals and consumer needs. But, businesses must also understand digital transformation is an ongoing process and companies must continuously adapt to new technologies and evolving consumer needs.

Swedish retail giant IKEA, whose USP has always been their in-store experience pivoted their digital experiences to offer 3-D rendering and AR experiences. This digital transformation enhanced their CX by allowing the products to be viewed in a home setting and solidified their brand.

Digital transformations’ use cases extend beyond upping the CX and can also help in backend operation like supply chain management. Nike’s digital transformation, for instance, has helped the apparel-maker manage inventory, improve efficiency and maximise revenues along with improving customers’ buying experience.

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