Brand communities can help businesses make customer-driven decisions and boost awareness

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August 13, 2020, 9:56 AM UTC

Develop affiliate or rewards programs for most loyal consumers to build a bigger community. 

This piece suggests building a brand community to test product mock-ups, promote campaigns, collect feedback, and emotionally connect with loyal consumers. First off, define the company’s mission, vision, brand voice and personality to attract target audiences to build a successful community.

Outlining a framework of brand goals and metrics, aligned with the community’s purpose can help marketers build a community driven by customer decisions. Forums are ideal for larger communities, while third-party platforms like Slack can help brands create various channels and topics for community members.

Creating groups and using hashtags for campaigns helps build engaging brand communities on social media. Respond to all questions, create discussion posts and encourage new conversations among members to enhance engagement rates and grow the community.

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