Marketers should systematically refresh underperforming pages for more organic traffic

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August 11, 2020, 6:26 PM UTC

Republishing blog posts can help raise traffic to posts.

Before deciding on whether a piece of content is the right candidate for republishing, marketers should follow a four-step process. They should determine if the post is underperforming, and make sure it old enough and enough “link authority” and assess the competition before republishing a post.

After selecting a post, brands need to take a systematic approach to refresh their content to ensure that it improves its ranking. They should ensure that their post’s content, format and angle, all are in tune with the user’s search intent.

Perusing top-ranked competitors, understanding their structure and key talking points can help in finding the commonalities that can be leveraged in the refreshed content. Running a content gap analysis can help find new angles as well as key talking points.

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