Businesses need to take a consumer-first approach to create a Disney-like experience

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August 07, 2020, 5:36 PM UTC

The multimedia conglomerate has been a leader in building customer relationships that last a lifetime.

Companies should ingrain customer experience in their culture and prioritise consumer needs, demands and requirements to create long-lasting customer relationships. They should pay special attention to training employees on establishing an emotional connection with consumers.

Continuously asking for customer feedback, doing regular follow-ups with consumers - both before and after a sale - can help in better understanding of the target audience. Marketers should conduct choice-based surveys and collect open-ended feedback to understand customer expectations from the brand. 

Establishing one-to-one customer interaction can further help marketers effectively personalise their offerings. Businesses should pay close attention to each consumer demand and send personalised thank you messages. They should also ensure their customer-facing teams have access to the right guidelines and customer service standards.

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