Marketers should create content tailored to search engines

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August 06, 2020, 5:52 PM UTC

Without effective SEO efforts, it is difficult for brands to improve their content visibility.

Instead of stuffing content with keywords, brands should be mindful about how search engines like Google work. Breaking content into individual topic areas, with each of them narrowly focussed, can make it easier for search engines to place content in the most relevant position.

Businesses can use online tools to find relevant keywords and SEO-optimised content ideas. Marketers should also keep in mind the content frequency influences search rankings. Each new content not only increases the chances of website traffic but also opens up opportunities for building authority on various topics and subtopics.

The author suggests marketers should regularly evaluate the value of their links. Backlinks from irrelevant or unethical websites can negatively affect the brand’s SEO efforts.

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