Featuring videos on the brand website can help boost search rankings

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August 06, 2020, 11:55 AM UTC

Websites with rich media content are more likely to get placed higher on the SERPs.

Businesses should optimise their video marketing campaigns by crafting compelling titles and descriptions. Exploring multiple video platforms like Vimeo, along with YouTube, can help expand their reach. Marketers can feature an introductory video on their website’s “Home” or “About” page.

Creating video content that evokes curiosity and encourages audiences to learn about the brand can help build credibility as well as improve the website traffic. But, businesses should first ensure their content is indexed to reach the intended audience. They should further keep an eye on social platforms to take immediate action in case of adverse reviews or bad press.

The author contends that SEO can directly influence the brand reputation. But, optimising SEO efforts can help in building a loyal following of brand advocates.

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