Brands that align their internal and external messaging are deemed more credible and authentic

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August 06, 2020, 12:44 PM UTC

Honest and transparent messaging can inspire employees to act as brand ambassadors.

To achieve success in external communication, this article suggests framing those public conversations on internal communication about goals, values, motivations and strategies. Approaching internal and external communications with the same messaging helps build trust and credibility among staff and consumers.

Creating honest and transparent messaging both, within the organisation and externally, allows brands to build genuine connections and guide communication efforts. Planning communication with such an “inside-out” approach reinforces a brand’s core values and goals and reflects them in their messages.

Delivering genuine messages consistently can help brands improve engagement rates and create positive buzz online, while driving retention and recruiting. While brands must adapt their content and language for wider audiences, sending out similar messages can help save time and communicate efficiently.

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