Leveraging AI can help businesses better adapt to the new era of immersive digital consumption

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August 04, 2020, 6:02 PM UTC

When appropriately deployed, AI can help generate high-quality analytics needed for solving complex business problems.

Implementing artificial intelligence technologies can help improve the “search logic” on ecommerce websites. Businesses can also create AI-powered chatbots to help customers easily place orders. AI can also enable brands to better personalisation efforts by efficiently tracking all customer touchpoints and capturing individual consumer interests.

Businesses should use technology to offer only customised products and offers based on each consumer’s needs. AI can not only help companies provide personalised recommendations, but also predict customer behaviour and aid in designing marketing plans accordingly.

Companies can use AI to collect information from sensors like video cameras placed inside physical stores. They can then use the data to boost offline sales. But, businesses need to feed high-quality data into AI systems to get effective results.

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