Ad refresh can help publishers display more ads within the same session and increase revenue

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August 04, 2020, 8:59 AM UTC

Using ad-reinsertion technology can help publishers generate revenue from blocked ad inventories.

This piece suggests ad strategies publishers can use to improve revenue and ensure business continuity despite the pandemic. Perform A/B tests to overcome banner blindness of ads as consumers “tune out” advertising, and to improve UX, optimise ad layouts and enhance engagement.

Implementing ad refresh technology with time intervals allows publishers to display a set of ads to users within the same session and boost revenue. Adopting programmatic can help publishers leverage direct deals to sell inventory while reducing operational time and costs.

Connecting with ad networks is recommended to access demand partners with high yields and easy management to leverage the increased bidding competition. Brands must employ hybrid bidding models with client-side and server-side header to increase bidding competition and reduce page latency.

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