Target international PPC campaigns by regions and channels to enhance campaign performance

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August 03, 2020, 7:46 AM UTC

Measuring metrics like cost per qualified lead can help target effective cost per actions.

This piece suggests international PPC strategies brands can use to expand into new regions and improve geographic targeting. Brands must plan for budgeting, channel allocation, account structure, and more before creating international campaigns to ensure local integration.

Targeting PPC campaigns based on top search channels in the region is recommended for accurate usage of time-based bid modifiers. This can help marketers better control their bidding process and distribute ad spend to countries with higher CPCs and quality leads.

Using Google Keyword Planner can provide marketers with a rough estimate of their spending on Google search, as CPCs, CPMs, and CPAs may vary across countries. Create localised translated copies for each region and address unique regional concerns and behaviours to improve engagement and drive sales.

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