Offer educational resources to help consumers overcome adoption hurdles and improve retention

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July 30, 2020, 8:09 AM UTC

Metrics such as repeat consumers, login frequency, purchase frequency, and customer lifetime value can help brands track retention rates.

This piece suggests retention marketing practices brands can use to expand their consumer base and improve advocacy while preventing customer churn. Devise all marketing campaigns with retention, expansion, and advocacy as end-goals to effectively plan for long-term customer benefit.

Marketers must create educational resources like free courses, templates, and live workshops to help consumers overcome product adoption challenges and increase retention rates. Understand the motives and goals of consumer purchases to personalise onboarding programs using relevant information.

Building referral and loyalty programs, sending personalised upsell emails, and collecting feedback is recommended to reinforce retention marketing campaigns. Brands can use tools like Google Analytics, Mode, and Amplitude to calculate retention rates and improve engagement.

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